Partner Organisations

Stakeholders who have written letters of support and will commit in-kind resources include:

Residents of rural communities including Pirton (UK) and Market Bosworth (UK); Esch (NL), Gemonde (NL), Best (NL), Boxtel (NL), Eindhoven area (NL) and Oirshot (NL) who have either already experienced the positive impact of TPE and are keen to help make this more widely available, or who are looking forward to taking part in the future. They will help deliver CARE-MSoC TPE projects in local communities.

National associations such as the National Trust (UK), Heritage Lottery Fund (UK), Dutch Heritage Agency (NL), AWN Association of Volunteers in Archaeology (NL) who support or fund heritage volunteering and are keen to help strengthen the evidence base for the benefits this can confer in building social capital and resilience in people and communities. Their support will help advance the case for popular funding for community heritage activities.

Local government agencies such as Lincolnshire County Council (UK) who are interested in initiatives which help showcase local heritage to local businesses and the wider world. Their support can help disseminate the case for socially beneficial community heritage funding beyond the heritage sector.

International agencies such as the European Archaeological Council who represent national heritage services across Europe which are responsible under law for the management of archaeological heritage, for whom the involvement of society in archaeology is an area of special interest.