Dr Pavel Vařeka (Principal Investigator)

Dr Pavel Vařeka (University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic) is a specialist in historical archaeology who brings to CARE-MSoC his in-depth knowledge of the archaeology of rural settlements in the Czech Republic and experience working in and with today’s rural communities (Nováček and Vařeka 1996; Vařeka, 2001). He has carried out several landscape archaeology projects in Bohemia studying settlement structure development mostly in the medieval and post-medieval period. He participated in initiating the programme of archaeological study of existing villages (CORS) of medieval origin in Bohemia and carried out the first long-term rescue research into a whole village in the Czech Republic before it was demolished due to coal mining. He has experience in buildings archaeology and ethno-archaeology and has led several research projects focused on the archaeology of Communism in the Czech Republic, including modern villages. Since 2013 he has been conducting research activities focused on settlement archaeology in the North Caucasus (Karachay-Cherkessk Republic, Russian Federation). He is a member of the Czech Minister of Culture Research Council.