Professor Heleen van Londen (Principal Investigator)

Professor Heleen van Londen (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a specialist in Roman and post-Roman landscapes at the University of Amsterdam who has degrees in History (Utrecht University, 1990) and Archaeology (UvA, 1991). She brings to CARE-MSoC her knowledge of Dutch rural archaeology and history, her experience of archaeological fieldwork in and with rural communities in the Netherlands and her experience of managing international projects involving partners in different countries. In the early 1990’s she became excavations director of a ten-year project on the Roman landscape (UvA, researcher position). The excavations formed the basis for her PhD (UvA, 2006), combining her academic work with her own consultancy practice. She was founding director of the commercial unit for the UvA and conducted her post-doc research on the Cultural Biography of Landscape. The last decade Heleen participated in several European projects, on European landscapes (ESF-COST A27), on developing e-learning solutions in Archaeological Heritage Management and a survey of the archaeological profession 2012-2014 (financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Life Long-Learning programme). She was also involved in the Strategic Partnership Innovative format of education and training of the archaeological and natural heritage (Erasmus+, 2015-2017). She has also conducted vocational training in Public Archaeology, a nascent but growing area of activity in the Netherlands.